Dogs are called man’s best friend. They are very social animals, and still have the pack mentality they had from their time as wolves. This means that they can be really chummy with those that they see as their a part of their own pack. If you have a dog, you must know that your family is their “pack, and the owners is the alpha. Dogs can also get along with other animals too if they see them as the pack.

You might have seen videos of dogs being friends with a range of animals. From squirrels to horses to even cats, dogs are social creatures that can get along with almost anyone. Inter-species friendship is always wonderful to watch, and the following video shows one of the best unusual animal pairs ever. German Shepherd dogs are usually thought to be quite intimidating, but the one in the video proves how gentle they can be.

Meet Tinni. This German Shepherd is best friends with a red fox called Sniffer. Sniffer was found as a small baby. He was abandoned and on the brink of death. Tinni’s family did their best to help the fox survive, while Tinni healed his heart with friendship. The fox was able to live through his ordeal and now has a deep bond with the dog. Their story is straight out of a fairy tale, don’t you think so?

Check out the full video below:

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