It is crucial to socialize your dog, whether you adopted them as a puppy or as an adult. It is important that they socialize when they are puppies. However, it never really stops for the entire life of a dog.

Because of so many inaccurate information being shared about dogs socializing, what people know about it ends up with unproductive results.

To stop this and share valid information, Trainer Sean O’ shea took to Facebook to talk about this and the ways you should actually follow to make your dog socialize.

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Sean is a trainer and the founder of a training center in California started out by enlisting the improper practices used to socialize their dogs.

He said:

“Socialization is all about teaching your dog how to behave and exist in the world…properly. People have a belief that only interactions create a well-socialized dog. They don’t understand that existence is almost always preferable, and more valuable than actual interaction.”

Sean says there is a lot more to socializing than just taking your dog to the dog park and letting them wander there freely. Doggie daycares or a fellow pet owner’s home also won’t work. According to him, pet owners should not force interactions with people anywhere or anytime.

He also emphasized on how jumping out and exposing everything in the outside world is not what socialization means for dogs since they panic and may turn aggressive when they come in contact with new things suddenly.

Even introducing them to other animals may bring a reaction that you didn’t expect.

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However, the problem isn’t how this fact is completely false, but how they are simplified so much. Socialization can cause lasting negative behavior in your dog towards the world.

Unsocialized or poorly socialized dogs often fear facing new things, making their body release adrenaline and corticosteroid, which can cause health issues.

It will get even more difficult when pet owners take the dogs to the vet’s, and they act aggressively while being examined. This may make their diagnosis impossible.

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Sean, however, talked about how actually one should make their dog socialize properly. He suggested correcting the dogs’ wrong behavior instantly after they show it, especially while they interact with other dogs.

For example, if your dog faces another dog acting aggressively, you should urge your dog to ignore it.

If strangers try to interact with your dog, you should not pressure your pet to do the same, more importantly, when they don’t want to.

It’s all about learning how to behave when other animals and people are around.

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Sean finally said:

“Yes, exposure is critical, but exposure without 100% clear guidance, and corrections for poor choices, isn’t socialization, it’s chaos, and it’s not teaching your dog what’s right, what’s wrong, and that you’ll keep them safe, so they don’t have to.”

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