2-year-old Bowie had to change his entire life after he lost one of his legs in August because of prolonged health complications. From relearning everything he knows to adjustment in his home, Bowie had his work cut out for him.

One of the most significant things he learned was climbing down the stairs. The previously easy feat was no longer easy for him. Now, he leans on the wall and does hops to get down the stairs.

But the plot twist came in when his furry sister started noticing the way he walked down the stairs.

Zeppelin joined the family three months ago. To say Bowie was thrilled would be an understatement. He was ecstatic. And it looks like his little sister took him as a role model too.

“They are always snuggling or playing together, even when there are other dogs around,” Karisa Maxwell, Bowie and Zeppelin’s mom, said. “We were nervous that Bowie would be scared to play with her as she got bigger than him, but she is so gentle with him and plays at his pace and protects him.”

Zeppelin always wanted to be like her brother. And one day, she accomplished that.

Her parents were quick to notice the adorable sight in front of them.

“Zeppy always hopped down the stairs, but when she was little, we just thought it was because her legs weren’t long enough,” Maxwell said. “But as she got bigger, we noticed that she leans against the wall like Bowie and keeps her back legs together.”

She has learned everything from Bowie and now, she climbs down the stairs just like he does.

Even though Zeppelin knows that she can choose the easier way, she refuses to do so. For her, her brother’s way is the only way.

“That’s the only way she knows how to,” Maxwell said. “We have tried to get her to walk one foot in front of the other, but she just looks at us all confused and continues to hop.”

If this doesn’t show how much Zeppelin loves her brother, I don’t know what will…

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