You might be familiar with the buzz going around about Area 51. If you live under the cave, let me enlighten you. The buzz is an elaborate plan that grew up from a hilarious joke on the internet to facebook invite to 3.3 million people around the web. So many people decided to join in for a big laugh. And this animal shelter also decided to get on with the party but with their little tweak to it.

After the overwhelming moment that built over for Area 51 raid, the OKC Animal Welfare in Okalhoma quickly came up with a clever marketing strategy.

“We often try to come up with fun ideas to get people engaged on social media,” Laura Russo, volunteer coordinator at OKC Animal Welfare said, “The idea to do something with the Area 51 trend was brought up, and our adoption coordinator ran with it.”

The staffs had a little photoshoot after selecting three dogs: three-year-old Piper, three-month-old Sam, and three-year-old Lady and a tiny kitty.

They made up an adorable foil alien hats where they transformed these animals into and cute aliens making them ready for Area 51 invasion.

The alien dogs were more interested in the treats than the actual photo shoot. They tilted their heads every time their eyes catches a glimpse of these yummy treats.

But there was one model in the crowd. The kitten gave some fierce shot while posing with its tin foil collar.

The giggle spread wide throughout the shelter after seeing these photos. But they still didn’t know how the world would react.

So, they made a funny post of facebook saying:

“Come storm our shelter … We have great animals ready to protect you from the Area 51 aliens. Adoption isn’t that far out of this world! #stormtheshelter”

And in no time, everyone was talking about these furry aliens.

Not just the post was shared by a thousand smiles, the shelter was crowded to adopt these furry angels. So many of them got a forever home.

“The weekend the post went viral we had 56 adoptions, which is fairly high when we’re not running a special pricing promotion,” Russo said. “Just as importantly, we had an unprecedented amount of interest in our shelter from all over the country.”

The whole “Area 51” craze might one day all be just humor but the impact it made in the lives of these shelter animals is quite real.

Russo said:

“We hope that the attention the post has received will increase the awareness for shelters everywhere. Hopefully more people will think of adopting from shelters now, regardless of where they live.”

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