No dog likes the “cone of shame” they feel like they got punished for not being a good boy. Some dogs immediately throw the piece of collar away and run for there life (Okay, it’s a little exaggeration), while others stay at the corner with a sad face.

This Golden Retriever, Barley belongs to those who prefer the corner and a sad face with the plastic cone around.

Apart from his loving parents, Zita Butler and Marc Wisselo, Barley has a best buddy who is very very dear to him. And its name is Fluffy.

Fluffly is Barley’s stuffed toy who looks exactly like Barely.

Barley’s parents told the Dodo:

“A week before Barley came home, we were in IKEA and noticed all the stuffed golden retrievers on the shelves. We thought it would be fun for Barley to have a little friend … He’s totally besotted with his mini-me.”



Barley never leaves his best bud alone. In fact, Fluffy is an essential part of Barley’s busy schedule.

“They go for walks together, they chill together, they sleep next to each other. They even pee together,” Butler and Wisselo said. “Often you’ll just find them both snoozing together on the couch or watching TV.”

And there are a lot of perks of being the best buddy to Barely.

“Fluffy must join us on our holidays,” Butler and Wisselo stated. “So far Barley and Fluffy have explored the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Marc built a special ‘bakfiets’ (a special Dutch bike which parents use to ferry their kids around) for Barley so that he can travel with us all around the city.”


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However, Barley’s life is not always colors and travel. Sometimes he must face the drudgery of visiting the vet. Even though vets groom and make them healthy, it’s the last place on earth most pups wants to be. And we don’t blame them. Specially when they end up getting a cone in their neck.

After a few weeks of nurturing, Barely got the privilege to wear these plastic wraps. Which obviously he wasn’t very fond of. He wasn’t a cheerful and usual self that day.

Seeing him sad and miserable, Barely’s parents got an idea to cheer him up. They got a cone of shame for his buddy as well. Fluffy did everything with Barely, how could he leave alone this time? So, with the vow of “through sickness and in health”, fluffy flaunted the cone to his bud.

“He looked so sad and we felt so bad for him that we got a cone of shame for Fluffy, too,” Butler and Wisselo said. “It definitely improved his mood.”


“It was the sweetest thing to see Barley looking after Fluffy,” Butler and Wisselo added. “Both have since recovered and are doing well.”


Now, Barely and his mini-me are fully recovered. They are back to their busy schedules.

But, fluffy is not the only friend Barely has. He has his twin brother, Fluffy 2 as well.

“We have two Fluffies at home in case we ever lose one,” Butler and Wisselo said, adding that they wash both Fluffies frequently so they stay fresh.”

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