Timing is an unlearned topic for dogs.

Or at least this one.

A priest in Brazil was at a church service when a dog decided to interrupt him in the middle.

The mass was going on at Nossa Senhora das Dores parish led by Father José Geraldo Sobreira when the dog came in with the intention to play.

The dog walked right in and laid down beside the priest, wagging his tail.

Instead of pushing him away, the priest surprised the mass instead. He petted the dog and went on with the mass with a quiet smile on his face.

Don’t believe us?

Check it out yourself!

While the dog’s origin still remains a mystery, people think that divine intervention has something to do with his presence at the mass.

Even Sobreira has received comments that saying an “angel with four paws” visited him.

“Beautiful father! I loved your gesture!” one commenter wrote for Sobreira. “Each day that passes I realize animals are in this world to teach us what pure love is, and that all humans should spread it.”

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