Green parrots are one of the most famous species of birds on the planet. Green parrots can consist of parakeets, Senegals, amazons, and even Sun Conures. These birds are given this name because of their bright green plumage. They are really stunning, aren’t they? Many of us even keep these intelligent and social creatures as our pets.

Parrots can be taught to do some incredible tricks. They are very good at imitating too. However, owners need to be really patient with them since they are known for their moodiness. The video below features an Indian ringneck called JoJo. The little guy loves Buddy, the Quaker parrot next to him. JoJo talks very sweetly and he loves kisses too.

The birdy repeatedly is heard saying:

“Hey, what you doing? Give me kiss.”

While his girlfriend shakes her head which seemingly looks like, “No, I won’t”.He again insists with flattery calling her “Pretty”. He then gets rejected again. But the parrot has a lot of energy to give up so he tries even harder.

You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see him interact with his pal.

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