How does it feel to live your wildest dream? A big dreamy house, a fancy car. A holiday on the beach with your favorite friends or just living with lots and lots of cats and dogs. Mackenzie Makatche made her wildest dream a reality.

She shares her house with nine huge and fluffy Newfoundlands.

“The most common questions I get asked are, ‘Is that a bear?’ (nope) ‘How big is your house?’ (I wouldn’t call it big, but we have plenty of space) and ‘Are you crazy?’ (obviously),” Makatche said.

These dogs are not just huge; they are a lot of hard work on themselves. They need content care and attention from brushing their hair daily to helping them exercise more.

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Sometimes you just need a bear hug 🤗

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Makatche stated:

“I grew up with our family’s first Newfoundland. He was about a year older than me and died when he was 13. My parents were initially attracted to the breed because they wanted a dog that was good with kids and similar to a Lab.”

Indeed, they are. Apart from being a loving and caring doggo, they are very protective of their owners. Their webbed feet make them a great swimmer as well. They are widely popular as a water rescue dogs.

Makatche has no intention of breeding them. All of them were bought by her family.

When asked about breeding them, she states:

“We never have and still don’t intend to breed often, only when we have time to properly raise a litter. The crew has expanded gradually over the past nine years as my mom fell more and more in love with the breed.”

One day she decided to open an Instagram account of these dogs. And sooner and later, the account had over 40,000 followers, which gradually grew with more pictures of these canines.

But their mom feels they are here for a higher purpose. So, she is training them to be a therapy dog. And among Guinness, Duncan, Storm, Murphy, Coeli, Skyy, Aisling, Oliver and Belle, three of them already have their certification and are set to do their job.

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