A Kitten was drowning during the flash flood in Istanbul, Turkey. This Road Walker was at the right place on the right time to save the life of this kitty. He gave this her a mouth to mouth after saving her from drowning.

Metin Keskin with his coworkers were sent off to clear the floodwaters. When they found this tiny kitten, he was at the brink of his death. Apparently, she was washed up by the heavy rain. As soon as Keskin spotted her, he immediately got into action like he knew there was no time to waste. She was lying motionless, making no sound for help.

By the look of it, it looked like she was already dead. But, Keskin didn’t lose hope. So, he knelt over to her and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, with the hope of reviving this poor soul.

He gave this kitty a chest compression with few gentle breathe in her mouth. He somehow managed to get the water out of her lungs and slowly give her warmth of his body.

After a few seemingly long minutes, the kitten expelled some water through her tiny mouth and weak little meow. This caused joy and excitement in the audience. But he knew that the kitty was still in danger.

So, they rushed the kitten to the hospital for further recovery. Nevertheless, the meet with Keskin was not over for this cat. Because now, the kitty is going to live with the heartful savior. Keskin adopted this kitten and gave her a forever home.

Keskin joyfully stated in a press conference:
“She becomes our kitten now, and I’m so happy.”

Luckily everything was captured in a video. See for yourself.

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