If you own a German shepherd or are like me who obsessively scroll and like every picture of this furry doggos, you know what an amazing breed it is. And you will definitely laugh through every scroll like I did while I was writing this.
And to those who have no idea whatsoever about these protective buds, let me enlighten you with my social media knowledge.

1. German Shepherds are one of the 3rd most intelligent breeds.

The scientist did this research with more than 100 popular breeds before coming down to the top 3 list.

2. After Labrador, they are a second most popular breed in the USA itself.

3. A german Shephards can bite with up to 238 pounds of force. While humans can do only 86.

4. They are a fast learner

It takes only 5 repetitions for a german Shephard to learn a new task. And they obey 95% of the command. Who is the good boy now?

5. Privilege Of Being German Shephard

In 1920s Formal guide dog training, only german shepherds were allowed to be trained because of their quick learning skill and intelligence.

6. German Shephard Life expectancy

A German Shephard’s average life expectancy is 10.95 years. I know, it’s not enough…

7. Color Of German Shephard

The color of the German Shephard is not just brown and black. They have a variety of breeds. The most unusual of them all look like a panda with white and brown fur. Also known as, you guessed it, “Panda Shephards.”

8. German Shephard Name

These breeds are called Shephards because in the mid-1800s they were used to protect the sheep from predators in Germany. Hence the name, “German Shephard.”

9. They have a double coat. The outer coat sheds all year.

10. One Man Dog

German Shepherds are “One Man” Breed meaning they are incredibly loyal to their owner and they don’t cheat.

11. German Shepherds started the Job “Service Dog.”

Shephard name “Buddy” was the first guide dog.

12. They need room to fit all these awesomeness

German Shephards needs a lot of outdoor space to jump around with his ower.

13. German Shephard Shed Hair

They shed a lot of hair so, make sure your vacuum is working all the time.

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