There are some who put you dear to their heart, while there are others who protect you in every step of your life. Some come in the form of a friend, while others have brown fur and woof woof in their “Hi”s. And this brave German Shephard is one of those examples.

Kaiser, a one-year-old German Shephard, was having a great time with his owner, Lauren Bright, in the swimming pool. Lauren Bright was with her friend who in a few minutes, was about to be saved by Kaiser.

Lauren’s friend was chilling and goofing around in the pool. A few minutes later, they thought of having some fun with Kaiser and pretend like she was drowning just to see his reaction. Innocent Kaiser, sprung into the water when he noticed the girl in the pool in danger. He grabbed her hair with his mouth and swam to the edge of the pool, rescuing the girl’s life. Or, so he thought.

Despite the fact that girl wasn’t really drowning, his no hesitation to jump in action is actually really heroic. He risked his own life to save others.

The video in the facebook got thousands of awws and concerns from people Lauren didn’t even know. And it quickly became viral.

Lauren later mentioned Kaiser surprisingly had a fear of water. The fear developed when Kaiser fell into a cold creek. He was just four months old at that time. And what’s more interesting is, he had no prior training on saving a drowning man’s life.

This video has clearly proved a point on how protective German Shephards can be when there is any threat to their owner or anyone of his family member.