Soldiers are the closest things to superheroes in real life. They might not have laser eyes or the power to fly, but they do have very brave souls, and that is the most important thing about being a hero. They have to sacrifice so much for the sake of their country. Staying away from home for months at a time, and risking their lives is no ordinary feat. They are deployed to hostile places, and sometimes they come back with injuries that can’t be healed.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a huge problem with soldiers. This is a condition that causes a lot of stress, anger or anxiety in people that have experienced or seen horrible things. It’s an invisible disease, and the people who suffer from it feel like they’re isolated because of it. Jason Haag is a veteran that was also diagnosed with the condition. It almost burned his life to the ground.

It was ruining his life and his relationships with the ones he loves. But that is when Alex, the service dog, came along. This smart German Shepherd was trained to help Haag deal with his stressed. Haag used to be on a dozen medication, and his condition was so bad that his wife and kids had almost left him. But after Alex came into his life, he was able to function without any medication. It was amazing how powerful the presence of a dog is in one’s life.

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