We usually associate imitation to parrots. Their ability to copy is probably one of the main reasons they are so popular as pets. However, as this video shows, even dogs know how to imitate! Just take a look at this hilarious German Shepherd, for example. This pooch likes to do whatever his dad does and it is absolutely adorable. In this video, we get to see him copy his dad’s moves in the cutest way possible. Now wonder this clip went viral!

Dogs are very faithful creatures. They love to stay by your side and participate in whatever it is you are doing. They also love pleasing their owners, which is one of the reasons you can get them to do almost anything! There are lots of dog videos on the internet showcasing the various things our four-legged friends can do. I have seen dogs do a lot of stuff before, but this is the first time I have seen them imitating someone!

In this clip, the dad pretends to bite his dog. And hilariously, the dog pretends to bite back! They go back and forth a few times. The clip is only around 10 seconds long, but it will definitely make your whole day. This is going to bring the biggest smile on your face! Wait till you see their precious exchange for yourself!

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