Dogs are amazing animals. Since they are really smart, they are very easy to train. They can be taught to do a lot of different things, from sniffing out bombs to caring for the differently abled. But it takes a lot of time and patience to train them well. If you are a dog owner and have tried to teach your pet a few tricks, you know how hard it is to hold their attention. But nothing is impossible with positive reinforcement and consistency. Just look at the following video!

This amazing clip is going to leave you totally in awe. Augusto Deoliveira is a dog trainer whose videos have amassed millions of views because of his dog training. This guy has a very strong bond with his dogs, and they see him like their pack leader. He has a very large pack of German Shepherds, yet they behave like total puppies around him! The following video shows them taking a hike in the woods, and it’s amazing.

The dogs are so disciplined even though they are in a strange and new environment. They don’t stay away from the pack at all. Deoliveira is so good at his job that he now runs Griffin Shepherd Kennels. It’s no wonder, as he can keep them in line so well. The dogs are free and don’t have a leash on them, but they still walk in line with him. You can only imagine the effort it took for him to train them all to be like this. It was well worth the effort though.

Check out the full video below:

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