Dogs are man’s best friend. They love us unconditionally, and expect almost nothing in return. One brace pooch proved how true this is. Rex the German Shepherd proved to be a guardian angel to a teen called Javier.

The family is convinced that Rex saved the teen’s life after burglars broke into their house and things got a little violent.

Rex and Javier were home alone on Wednesday afternoon when two burglars broke in. Javier then ran upstairs and hid in a closet while trying to call for help. But the brave dog refused to back down from the situation. He scared the burglars, and one of them had to shoot the poor dog to make him stop. They shot the dog at least three times. They fled the crime scene after that. Javier was safe, but Rex’s condition got worse.

The surgery needed for Rex was expensive. Despite all those bullets, he survived. It was a miracle, but it was going to be expensive for him to be treated. Thankfully, the family got help from strangers online. They managed to raise over $10,000 for the poor dog. He is recovering slowly. The dog had always been protective of the teen, but he showed true loyalty in the direst condition as well.

Check out the full video below:

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