Dogs are like babies. They are extremely loyal, but it is like they refuse to grow up, no matter how old they might be. They are said to have the mentality of a two-year-old human child, so perhaps that explain it. Once you get a dog, you are fully responsible for it. You need to train them, feed them and take care of them. Grooming is also a huge part of dog care, and one must carefully consider before getting a dog with a long coat.

The German Shepherd in the following video is a perfect example of this. German Shepherds usually have either a single coat or a double coat. Double coated German Shepherds need to be groomed religiously. Even the single coated ones have to be brushed every day to keep the shedding at bay. Grooming might seem like a trivial chore, but it really adds up when you have to do it every day! Just look at the pooch in the following video!

This dog owner shows the struggles of grooming a German Shepherd every day. It is important to exercise them and tire them out before attempting to groom them. You will need a good brush, a tired dog and a huge bucket. The video shows just how much work it is to keep a German Shepherd looking in top form. By the end of the grooming session, he had a huge bucket filled to the brim with dog fur! This makes you think twice about getting a high-maintenance dog, doesn’t it?

Check out the full video below:

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