Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. Men and dogs have worked and lived alongside for centuries, and the bond that humans share with their canine companions is much more intense than with any other animal in history. Over the years, people have used selective breeding to get dogs that specialize in something, be it herding, guarding or just being great companions. And the German Shepherd seems to tick all the three boxes mentioned above.

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dogs on the planet. They are extremely intelligent and obedient. This makes them the best pick to work in the military or army. But they are also great picks for your home. They can be extremely protective about your home and be the perfect pet that is if you exercise them daily and train them well. The following video shows one dog that shows just how great pets they can be.


This German Shepherd is doing a great job of looking after a small baby. While these dogs are big and strong, they can also be very gentle. Their intimidating looks shouldn’t bother you much. This particular pooch is content with playing with the baby. He rolls around and does all sorts of little things to make the baby happy. And it works! The baby can’t contain his laughter and keeps giggling in the cutest way possible!


Check out the full video below:

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