The German Shepherd in the video below is called Freya. In this clip, we get to see her reunite with her owner after months apart. Her moving reaction has been melting the internet.

The video has gone viral, and we are not really surprised to see why. At the start of the clip, a man comes in through the gate and makes his way towards a house door. A woman brings Freya out, while her dad remains hiding out of sight.

But the moment she comes out and spots her beloved human, she loses it. The camera catches the most adorable moments. Freya couldn’t hold back her excitement as she started jumping and crying in happiness. She gives her owner great big hugs and the duo collapse on the ground to spend some quality time together.

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are very loyal and they cannot handle separation from their loved ones well. Some of them even go into depression if they are kept apart from their beloved owners for a long time. But thankfully for Freya, it didn’t come to that! She is finally back in her dad’s arms, happy and content.

German Shepherds are known to be very faithful. And this is evident in the video below. Freya was away from her dad for a long time, but she never gave up hope. And when she finally saw him again, her happiness knew no bounds!

At one point, the pooch even falls down onto the man, snuggling into his lap and giving him some big sloppy kisses. It is the most adorable thing ever!

The beautiful pup got really overwhelmed at the sight of her dad and we are happy that they are finally back together!

People on the internet love Freya’s heartwarming reaction to being reunited with her human!

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