When military veteran from Longwood, Florida, named Brent Feaser’s house started going up in flames, he truly thought he had lost everything.

Until his German Shepherd changed his mind.

dog saves family 1

It was just a typical night when Brent was out with his next-door neighbor to see Jupiter from their telescopes.

And that’s when they heard the explosion. A portion of their house exploding right in front of their eyes.

It was a horrifying situation for both of them.

The two men immediately used some of the furniture lying in front of the family home to break into the houses.

Brent’s wife, Margo, and his two children, ages two and four were inside the house.

Luckily one of the neighbors had seen Margo through the window so they could rescue her in time. But the children were still inside.

dog saves family 2

When the firefighters got to the scene, their first action was to pull Brent away from the house. When they invaded inside, the first thing they found was the K9, Maxx. And as luck would have it, the doggie led them to the kids without wasting a single second.

And, this is how the awful incident ended up with everyone declaring the firefighters and Maxx as heroes!

dog saves family 3

Since the family, as well as Maxx, suffered from burns and inhalation issues, they ended up in different sections of critical conditions in different hospitals.

But they will all recover and go back to being the happy family they used to be!

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