Niccolò Bonifazio, a professional Italian cyclist, has won many prizes throughout his cycling careers, but his best prize came to him only recently.

While on a 20- kilometre training ride with his friends in a remote region, he heard something from somewhere off the road—it was a tiny cry desperate to find help.

“I heard meowing in the distance,” Bonifazio said. “It was a disturbed noise. So, I went into the woods to search.”

Then, he discovered a little kitten holding on to dear life near a garbage bag, abandoned and scared. Bonifazio found him right in time!

The cyclist’s training was now a cat rescue mission.

“The kitten wasn’t doing very well,” he said.

He clutched the tiny furball in one hand and rode his bike using the other as they rode for the next hour to find a safe place for the kitten. Within the time, Bonifazio had fallen in love.

Surely, Bonifazio saved the kitten from a horrible fate, but that wasn’t the end.

“We immediately brought him to the vet and he is now very well,” Bonifazio said. “I decided to take him home with me.”

The tiny kitten has ever since Blossomed with all the love Bonifazio and his partner is showering him with.

“He’s very nice and full of energy,” Bonifazio said. “His name is Bisous; in French, that means ‘kiss.'”

The kitten is in great health now and living a perfectly happy life, all thanks to Bonifazio.

Bisous will never have to worry about being dumped and left alone ever again!

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