Puppies are like little furry balls of magic. They never fail to spread smiles wherever they go. They don’t even have to do much—all they need to do is to be their clumsy little selves and they can melt even the hardest of hearts. There isn’t a single puppy in the world who doesn’t need some cuddling!

Here are 18 German Shepherd puppies that need to be snuggled right now!

1. This tiny tickle beast

Twitter: @hamsa0699

2. This little guy that’s just hanging around


3. This guy who already knows how to work his puppy eyes


4. This tiny pup whose ears can’t stay in place

jponsiek / dailypuppy.com

5. This guy who dreams big

Newspix / REX Shutterstock

6. This hungry little fluffball

countrygirl460 / instagram.com

7. This pup who still needs to grow into his ears

ohol85 / instagram.com

8. This naughty little monster

Newspix / REX Shutterstock

9. This tiny heartbreaker

minnie.tzu / instagram.com

10. This pup who just demands snuggles

texasgsd_vader / instagram.com

11. This tiny officer in training

tiny officer in training

12. This puppy who just wants to go for a swim

scripslock / reddit.com

13. This sleepy little watchdog

ThroatsUnslaked / reddit.com

14. This shy little cuddle buddy

Gerard Lacz / REX Shutterstock

15. This fluffy beast that’s excited to play

TheAmazingJenniferRobot / imgur.com

16. This adorable sandbox explorer

knightxiii / reddit.com

17. This happy guy who’s totally excited to fetch

Klemz698 / imgur.com

18. This handsome trio who stick together

Gerard Lacz / REX Shutterstock

If you love puppies, you must be over the moon by now. If you’re thinking of getting one yourself, try to adopt pups from the shelter. Even if you can’t look after a pup on your own at the moment, you can still help such puppies by volunteering at shelters.

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