HBO’s hit showed Chernobyl’s fourth episode showed Soviet soldiers traveling back to the disastrous land in order to kill pet dogs left behind by families that fled. They did so so that the infected animals wouldn’t contaminate other living creatures.

Now, 30 years later, people are finally starting to help the dogs of Chernobyl.

Some of the dogs actually survived in the land. There are even a few feral wolves in the 1,000 square mile land. Many people are afraid of touching the animals in these areas, but not the workers at CFF.

CFF, the Clean Futures Fund, is an aid organization based on the US that is rescuing the dogs from Chernobyl.

On June 3, the members had visited the land in partnership with SPCA International. They rescued many dogs who are now going through treatment for radiation poisoning. The vets have also vaccinated and sprayed them. Once they’re healthy enough, the shelter will put them for adoption.

Lucas Hixson, the CFF co-founder, said, “The biggest consideration should be given to the fact that these dogs have not had any real socialization before coming to our rescue shelter.
They don’t understand the concept of a toy. The only things they like to play with are sticks and things to eat. We have developed a special training program for the puppies while they are in the adoption shelter, but they will likely still need a little extra love to reach their full potential.”

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#DogsofChernobyl FAQs: How does radiation affect the dogs and cats? The biggest inhibitors of their health and life is lack of food, water, shelter, diseases like rabies, predation from wild animals, and protection from the elements during the harsh Ukranian winters. Their lifespan is so short that the radiation is really not a factor. Most dogs and cats in the #Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are under 3 years old. An animal that is 5 yrs old is considered old, even though it's relatively young for a dog's age. This is why we think the work that we are doing with @spca_international is so important. It's work that couldn't be done with these partnerships, and without the dedication of volunteers like Sarah McDonald and Carol Mefford, pictured here with some puppies that they took care of today. #dogsofinstagram #ukraine #vetsofinstagram #spayandneuter #puppiesofinstagram

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Hopefully, these dogs will find homes that will love them forever!

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