Owning a cat is hard work on itself. As much fun witnessing their silly act is, cats are sneaky little monsters with unpredictable moves. And Zeus is no exception.

This wild cat loves to chase his tail, giving a hard time to his mother while she is cleaning or changing the sheets. Just when his mom thought he couldn’t possibly come up with any new surprises, Zeus proved her wrong.

Zues loves to chase his momma, Valerie Goldsworthy around while she is making the bed. But one day, when Goldsworthy is doing her usual chores, she couldn’t hear any occasional meow or messy bed. In fact, that day she didn’t see Zues at all.

So, after finishing her chores in peace, she casually searched for Zues. And soon, casualty turned into panic when he was nowhere to be found.

Goldsworthy reported The Dodo:

“I looked in every room, under beds, between boxes in the basement. I even looked in the wash and dryer (holding my breath he wasn’t in there). I looked under cabinets, I walked up and down the nearby streets, under cars, in neighboring gardens … everywhere. Well, at least I thought.”


After three hours of a continuous search for Zues, Goldsworthy accepted the defeat. So, she empty-handed went out to her porch to scan the neighborhood one more time. And that’s where she found sneaky little Zues hiding.


“I had previously stood in our balcony to get a better view of a distance away, so I decided to do it again,” Goldsworthy said. “That’s when my [other] cat, Artemis, jumped on the balcony railing. I went to pick up Artemis, and there was Zeus.”


Zues found the planter on the porch a best place to sleep in peace. His color, however, blended in with the plant, making him hard to find in the plain sight.

Finding her baby, Goldsworthy petted and loved him with happiness. But, unknown about the whole searching mission, Zues couldn’t give the same reaction in return.

“I pet him, loved him (because he was lost and now found), but he just opened his eye to look at me then went back to sleep,” Goldsworthy said.


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