We don’t give enough credit for a cat’s loyalty and love like we do to dogs. But the recently leaked video showing a white cat carrying his deceased friend grey tabby cat speaks for itself.

This cat used to live in the street of China with his companion grey tabby cat. After his companion died, he was left all alone. But the cat knew the right thing to do. So, without wasting much time in grief, he carried his grey friend to the shelter.

The video was initially filmed in the Songbei district of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province on 2nd of July. We are not sure what killed his best bud.

In the video, the eyewitness is heard saying:


The white cat is seen migrating the deceased body like a mother does to their kittens. It is noticeable that the cat is in grief as its tail twitches side to side while carrying him.

The body, however, is heavier than the white cat could carry. So, it had to make multiple stops to regain its energy. Its destination looks like a shelter below a white car. But, we can’t much tell about it as the video stops right there.

It is assumed that the cat might have been scared of the attention he was getting so, he safely tucked his friend below the car until everyone goes.

We hope the one who took the video rescued this little guy and gave him a forever home.

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