The K9 police force is one of the most astounding things we will ever witness.

From sniffing out bombs to tracking down suspects, K9 has brought the law enforcement to a whole new level of efficiency.

This is a story of such K9 police dog named Ava who saved the life of a baby back in 2017.

And now, two years later, they finally came face-to-face with one another again.

boy and dog 1

The rescue incident was nothing short of a miracle.

On an early February morning in Portland, a 2-year-old boy called River was missing from his bed from his home.

No one knew what happened exactly. But the assumption remains that the boy got out of the unlocked door and got lost by himself.

Luckily, he was still near the area of his home. A search was launched and this is where Ava comes in. She found River two blocks away from his home, hiding behind a blackberry bush.

Ava’s handler Becky said about the incident, “He dragged me right up to the child. I cry. It’s exciting. Our training is working.”

River immediately headed to the hospital for cold exposure and scratches treatment.

Now, you know the importance of child safety locks at homes.

boy and dog 2

The Mountain Wave Search and Rescue (SAR) made sure that the reunion was well-documented. When the now 4-year-old boy met Ava and Becky, it was nothing less than heartwarming.

boy and dog 3

Mountain Wave (SAR) even wrote on Twitter, “So many emotions! Ava, Clara and I got to meet River and his Grandmother today two years after Ava found him near death. Tears flew, and hugs abound!”

Even though River doesn’t remember much of the past incident, it looks like he got along quite well with Ava!

boy and dog 4

But this is not the only story on the K9 police force.

We also want you to meet Bane, a K9 in Virginia.

boy and dog 5

Bane was searching for two missing children in the Powhatan woods on a weekend last March.

It didn’t even take him 15 minutes to find out where the two lost 8-year-old children were. It turned out that the kids got lost while playing a game after forgetting which way they came from.

The dog received a Chick-fil-A ice cream as a reward. And deservedly so.

Watch the video to see Ava’s rescuing River.

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