There are a lot of homeless animals in the world. Every day, they are forced to live out on the streets – without any sort of access to proper food, water, or shelter. They are usually abused; these dogs have never known the kind touch of a human hand. Most of them die before they get to experience it. But thankfully, there are a lot of amazing organizations working for the welfare of animals suffering in the streets. Hope for Paws is one of them.

This amazing organization was founded by Eldad Hagar and his wife, Audrey, in 2008. They have been doing an incredible job and have saved thousands of lives since then. Their goal is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society. They post some amazing videos on their YouTube channel, most of which go viral. Featured in the video below is one of them. It is not only amazing, but it is also probably one of the toughest rescues that they have ever done.

When they received an urgent call about an abandoned German Shepherd trapped by the LA river, they wasted no time to get to him. The poor thing had been stuck there for weeks. The people from the community fed him while they searched for help. This rescue was carried out by Eldad, along with Annie Hart from Bill Foundation. With help from volunteers from the community, they were able to secure Biggie and bring him to safety.

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