Dogs are incredible animals. Renowned all over for their affectionate personality and their unwavering faithfulness to their loved ones, they are also very intelligent. Studies suggest that a dog is as smart as a two year old human kind! Now that is saying something! Thanks to their intelligence, we have been able to teach them a lot of different things. Dogs love to please their owners, so this makes them easily trainable.

Take for example, this amazing German Shepherd. He is called Baron and he is two years old. Baron is a very talented pup. He loves helping his family with their chores and often joins in on whatever they are doing. According to his owner, he frequently undertakes tasks like mopping the floors and putting the toys away! The pooch even loads the dishwasher. Baron has also been trained in personal protection to defend his family against any type of danger.

Linda Riley is a dog trainer and she has done a great job at training her beloved pet. She adopted him when he was only 12 weeks old, however, under her guidance, he has come a long way. She says he is very smart and catches on very quickly, so they don’t even need to push him too hard! Because of his amazing skills, Baron has become a celebrity on the internet.

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