Dogs are some of the most incredible creatures on the planet. They are loving and affectionate, and have been aptly named man’s best friend. It is said that a dog is the only being on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. And there couldn’t be a truer statement. They stay with you no matter what and they provide you with the best company. As a result, many households all over the world have kept them as pets.

However, some people believe that dogs are not good around kids. Because of this, they tend to abandon their four-legged friends at the arrival of a baby. These people couldn’t be more wrong. Dogs are one of the best things a baby could grow around. According to studies, kids that have a dog at home are comparatively happier and healthier. They teach them the meaning of unconditional love and support, and sometimes, dogs even babysit the little ones! Just take a look at this video, for example.

This clip features a one year old girl spending some quality time with her doggie best friend. According to her mom, she wanted to show the pooch some love before going for breakfast. She says that they are super chummy and often entertain the rest of their family with their antics. The pup is whining for his morning meal while the little girl is keeping him company. Some people were concerned that the kid might be hurting the dog, but the mom clarifies that he is okay.

Check out their adorable interaction in the video below! What did you think about that? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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