There are lots of homeless dogs all over the world. Stray dogs roaming the streets are quite a common site in several places in the United States. It is heart-breaking to see a dog being hit by a car while struggling to survive in the streets. In cities like Houston, Texas, the population of stray dogs is suspected to be close to a million. Finding all of them is tough, so rescuers have not been successful at saving them. However, they do help the dogs that they come across.

In December 2014, The World Animal Society Awareness (WAS2) found a German Shepherd dodging traffic on a busy Houston street. She was eating any garbage she could find. They knew they couldn’t leave her behind. They offered her some food, and it didn’t take long for her to approach them. Within moments, she was eating the food put down in front of her. It is sad when you realize that this poor thing had been roaming the streets, alone and forgotten, for such a long time. One of the rescuers walked up to her, and though she shied away at first, she was soon leashed.

The rescuers showered her with love and attention, and they gave her some more food. They took her to safety. The dog was taken to a vet clinic so that her medical needs could be attended to. She was then placed in a sanctuary to be adopted out. They named her Anna. The beautiful pup got a second chance at life and is finally in a place where she can be happy.

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