It’s heartbreaking to see so many animals abandoned on the streets, especially when they grow old. Some people just throw out their senior dogs as though they have some expiry date on them. So much for reciprocating loyalty. Thankfully, the German Shepherd in the following video was fortunate enough to be rescued. Hope For Paws, an animal rescue from California, spotted a German Shepherd abandoned on the streets. They knew they had to save the senior dog fast.

With a little persuasion, the rescuers were able to urge the dog to come out of her hiding place from under a car. The rescuer wanted her to be comfortable with her presence, so he waited for the dog to come close to her. The dog, who they later named Amelia, seemed really gentle and sweet. Once the rescuer earned her trust, Amelia followed her every step.

Amelia didn’t take long to warm up to the lady. Like any senior dog, all she wanted was a lot of love and cuddles. She didn’t mind being carried into the car, and Amelia later showed how gentle she can be with children as well as other animals. It’s sad to see people just leave senior dogs, after they have given a lifetime to their owners. All they need is a restful last years of life. Let’s hope Amelia’s case sheds a light on this issue.

Check out the full video below:

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